Interested in learning more about diversity & inclusion? Get started by checking out the resources below.

Thoroughly laying out the case for increasing diversity along all axes, this article is a great first stop to the research behind the claims that diversity improves outcomes:


This article very clearly lays out the case for engaging male allies and the importance of bringing all partners to the table when trying to solve gender bias:


Focusing on the emotional tax experienced by black individuals in the workplace, this article provides practical suggestions that leaders can take to increase inclusivity. Many of the tips provided can be used by anyone seeking to foster a more inclusive community that would benefit all community members:


SWE’s Research and Trends for Women in STEM Website provides an overview of trends, as well as an in-depth look at the research surrounding women in engineering:


Various perspectives on diversity, including insights on how organizations need to integrate diversity into all aspects of their organization:


A take on why diversity is unsustainable without inclusion: