Professors, graduate students, postdocs, alumni, staff, and research scientists are invited to attend all sessions


Registration & Breakfast

Science Hill location TBD


Keynote Address

Dr. Laura Hunter will present on unconscious bias against women in STEM fields . Her talk will initiate the day's conversation and set the data-driven tone of our symposium.

Science Hill location TBD


Moderated Panel – Promoting Equity from the inside

The panelists will discuss how they continue to improve diversity at different levels through their roles, and how attendees can impact their future work spaces and effectively increase inclusivity and diversity

Science Hill location TBD


Negotiation workshop

Science Hill location TBD



Roundtable discussions on various topics related to gender bias and the job search.

*Advance registration is required

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Moderated Panel – Building Mentoring Relationships for the Job Search

The panelists will discuss techniques to develop supportive and equitable mentoring relationships, particularly focusing on strategies for identifying and cultivating a mentorship team for support throughout the academic or non-academic job search.


*The next portion of the afternoon consists of concurrent sessions A & B*

Advance registration is required


Session a – Moderated Panel – Being International: Locating borders within academia

The panelists will discuss how to transition between academic and, to a lesser degree, industry jobs in different countries; how this affects the geography of future prospects; and other unique issues faced by non-US residents and undocumented individuals. 

Session B – Gender Bias in Written Communications

Dr. Suzanne Young, Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Teaching Development at the Center for Teaching and Learning, will discuss how the language that women and men use in job search materials (e.g., cover letters, personal statements) is influenced by our implicit biases, as well as strategies for making our recommenders aware of the impact that gender can have on superlative choice in their letters.

Science Hill location TBD


coffee Break

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Navigating the job search

Location: TBD

Brian Frenette (Senior Associate Director, Yale Office of Career Strategy) will conduct a workshop on navigating the non-academic job search. The presentation will provide guidance on where to start in the non-academic job search and discuss how to translate academic credentials into industry skills, including walking through concrete CV-to-resume examples.

location: TBD

Professor Desirée Plata will conduct a workshop on navigating the academic job search




This event is being co-sponsored by the:  Yale Alumni Association • Advanced Graduate Leadership Program, School of Engineering & Applied Science • Yale Department of Astronomy • Yale Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology • Yale Department of Physics • Yale Integrated Graduate Program in Physical and Engineering Biology • Office of Career Strategy • Office of Graduate Student Development and Diversity